Di Marmo e Di Pietra

Copertina di Marmo e di Pietra

Our dream’s name is "di Marmo e di Pietra".


You can do it by reserving a copy for you or for a nice present to a special friend.
In this difficult moment we need more and more to take refuge in the places of beauty, to try and feel a new atmosphere, to think as well.

The concept is totally brand new: here you can dream and be transported!
30 shots accompanied by 30 poems. The photos are real, but a precise work and search of light make them artistic and oneiric. Poems are actual, short, and they can be read by looking at the images, by linking them on different levels. A new way of approaching poetry, or better to the emotions that poetry can give.

The Association Arte & Memoria focuses on valorization of the territory, through artistic, cultural and touristic initiatives. This project provides the publication of a book composed by photos and poems inspired by the Staglieno Cemetery, in Genua, a real open-air museum because of the quantity and quality of its sculptures.
A4 (29,7x21) sized book, vertical format, hardback, 60 pages, monochrome.

arte memoria
arte memoria
arte memoria

What the funds will be for?

The collected funds will be for publishing our book and carrying out other. Our association is non- profit, it doesn’t count on any financing and produces its own projects by its members’ efforts. We deal with art, sometimes with hidden treasures…